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Renewable Fuels

UOP is helping meet the future's energy challenges with renewable fuels created from sustainable sources

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Our Renewable Fuel Solutions

UOP's innovative renewable technologies produce high quality, drop-in fuels from sustainable sources to help refiners meet regulatory mandates and reduce emissions.

Explore these informative resources—blogs, e-book, webinars—to learn how Honeywell UOP renewable technologies can take your most underutilized assets and turn them into profit machines. And brand new again

Feedstock Price vs. Biofuel Price | Where to invest your project capital?

In worldwide renewable fuel markets, why do prices vary significantly for biofuels produced from sustainably sourced waste oil and animal fat feedstocks compared to biofuels made from virgin oil crop feeds like soybean or rapeseed? Read how you can target your technology capital investments to turn paybacks into months, not years.

New Canadian Clean Fuel Standard is Opportunity for all North American Refiners

Canada is rolling out a new Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) that will significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions. And US oil refiners are moving fast to supply renewable fuels before Canadian companies can modify their facilities. Read how Honeywell UOP technology can help you make the leap to renewable production

Honeywell UOP Ecofining™ Technology | Pathways to Profits

Global renewable fuel mandates have created demand for sustainable second-generation biofuels. These mandates have created opportunities for refiners and project developers to deliver drop-in compatible biofuels at high margins using commercially proven technology from Honeywell UOP. In this 45-minute webinar, our engineers share why Honeywel UOP’s Ecofining™ technology helps top global refiners maximize profits by producing renewable diesel fuel and jet fuel.


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