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Honeywell UOP Co-processing Technologies

As the world reduces greenhouse gas emissions to benefit from incentives and comply with fuel mandates, Honeywell UOP can support you in using your existing assets by processing renewable feeds along with fossil fuels. Such co-processing can be done across multiple technologies including FCC and hydrocracker apart from hydrotreaters. We have various solutions to help you co-process based on your objectives.


Key Benefits of Honeywell Co-processing Solutions

FCC Co-processing:

  • Production of sustainable low-carbon fuels.
  • Compliance with cellulosic RINs and LCFS credits (US) and RED Annex IX Part A feeds (EUR)
  • Partially-renewable products match petroleum-derived FCC products in quality and yield


  • A cost-effective way of introducing renewable carbon into transportation fuels
  • Leverages existing refinery assets
  • Revamp options that minimize investment while maximizing renewable carbon credits
  • Commercially proven approach

Choose your Co-processing pathway

Select your co-processing pathway with Honeywell UOP, tailoring it to market demands and existing processes. Whether you opt for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, or fluid catalytic cracking, our expertise ensures efficient goal attainment. The right choice minimizes upgrades, streamlining your sustainability journey. Honeywell experts are here to assist.

  • FCC - Produce low-carbon olefins and gasoline blending stock from lipidic and cellulosic derived bio-oils
  • Hydrotreating - cost effective pathway to produce renewable diesel from FOGs .
  • Hydrocracking - Produce partial SAF and renewable diesel from diverse FOGs

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