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Diesel & Jet

Produce high quality, on-spec transportation fuels

Honeywell UOP has been a global leader in distillate technologies for 70 years and continually innovates to help refiners meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We can help you meet stringent specifications for ultra-clean transportation fuels through our distillate hydrotreating, hydrocracking and sweetening technologies.

The UOP UnicrackingTM and UOP UnionfiningTM processes provide flexible solutions to gas oil conversion for ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and kerosene production. The integration of these technologies is key to treating virgin/cracked middle distillate streams and diesel-selective conversion of heavier oils. The UOP MeroxTM process family effectively sweetens feedstocks to produce on-spec Jet A-1 fuel.

Our proven hydrocracking, hydrotreating and Merox catalysts  allow you to be more specific and selective to achieve your processing goals and improve your profitability.


  • What is the Merox process?
  • What is the Unicracking process?
  • Why is the Unionfining process important?
  • What Is Unionfining?
  • Why do refiners choose Merox technology?
  • How Does Unicracking Work and Where Does It Fit In?