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Merox Treating Catalysts

Meet increasingly difficult sulfur regulations with our full range of sweetening catalysts

As environmental regulations tighten to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, refiners rely on Honeywell UOP’s Merox process technologies for sulfur extraction and sweetening. UOP’s lineup of Merox catalysts can help you meet stringent product specifications with consistently high quality.

All of UOP’s Merox products are manufactured in UOP ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities and are available in ready-to-use form. UOP employs strict quality controls for all our products, for consistent quality every time.

Featured Merox Treating Catalysts:

Merox Extraction
UOP Merox WS-2 catalyst is specially formulated to selectively oxidize mercaptans in liquid-liquid Merox LPG extraction units. It is available in a variety of packaging options to fit the needs of any installation.

Merox Sweetening.
Whether you want to process challenging feedstocks, reduce turnaround time, meet environmental regulations or use a caustic-free process, UOP offers a full range of catalysts to meet your objectives.