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Unity™ Hydrotreating Catalysts

Unlock the potential of heavier and opportunity crudes

You have processing goals for your hydrotreating units. Whether you want to reduce sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics or enhance cetane, density and smoke point — or all of the above — you can count on Honeywell UOP Unity™ hydrotreating catalysts and our expert team to deliver.

The UOP Unity™ hydrotreating catalyst lineup can help you get the most from heavier and opportunity crudes while meeting tight environmental regulations on fuel quality. The right catalyst and grading selection for your hydrotreating unit will extend cycle life while processing of heavier and contaminated feed stocks.

Featured Hydrotreating Catalyst: 

UOP UltiMet™ High-Activity Catalyst

For diesel, VGO and distillate hydrotreating applications, UOP UltiMet™ High-Activity Catalyst produces a higher-quality product from even the most challenging feeds — all while meeting ever-tightening environmental regulations. UltiMet™ can save you money by operating longer between catalyst change-outs and at higher feed rates.


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