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Gain maximum performance with minimum emissions 


Honeywell UOP Callidus process burners can be found in fired heaters and burner related services for the refining and petrochemical industries across the globe. They consistently demonstrate among the lowest NOx rating and highest quality on the market today. With a broad portfolio of innovative burners, our experts can find the right solution for your operation.

Featured Callidus Burners:

Breakthrough Burners

  • CUBP Burner 
    Leverage breakthrough low NOx and extreme fuel gas flexibility to accelerate your energy transition
  • CUBH Burner 
    Meet tighter emissions goals in flexible fuel service in blue and green hydrogen processes

CUBL Ultra-Low NOx Blue Flame Burners
Extremely stable class of burners to dramatically reduce NOx emissions

  • CUBL-CF: Dramatically reduce NOx emissions with shorter flame length burners
  • CUBL-X: For furnaces with low draft operations, short radiant box heights, tight burner-to-burner spacing
  • CUBL-HC: For high-capacity and forced draft applications with shorter flame length
  • CUBL-DF: For hydrogen, ammonia and methanol service; downfired configurations
  • CUBL-F: Flat-flame for cracking and coking furnaces

AERO Radiant wall burners
Prevent dangerous hydrogen flashback with an innovative tip design

Staged Gas Low NOx Process Burners 
Cost-effective low NOx technology

  • CSGL: lower NOx emissions than traditional staged gas burners
  • CSG: most economical burner for lower NOx emissions

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