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AERO Radiant Wall Burners

Prevent dangerous hydrogen flashback with an innovative tip design


Fluctuating hydrogen content can cause dangerous flashbacks, often due to a design feature of traditional tips. When you have varying hydrogen (up to 80%), the AERO Radiant Wall burner is an ideal choice.  The innovative tip, combined with Venturi airflow mixing design, removes the requirement to adjust based on gas composition.

Callidus AERO Radiant Wall Burners provide a combination of high performance and low maintenance for new or existing wall-fired petrochemical and reformer furnaces. 


  • Innovative, aerodynamic tip design
  • Capable of operation on fuels containing high hydrogen (more than 80% volume)
  • Improved air door design for ease of adjustment
  • Simplified muffler design completely shrouds primary and secondary air entrances
  • Operates over a turndown of 3:1
  • Maintains a uniform fuel air mixture speed reducing the possibility of flashback


  • Improved NOx reduction with NOx levels <80 mg/Nm3
  • Enhanced stability that delivers low emissions
  • Reduced maintenance needs from single-piece tip design
  • Lower replacement costs by bolting tip to the venture
  • No special operating needs
  • Improved cooling compared to other low NOx burner designs


  •  Able to fit in virtually any application
  • New or retrofit

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