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CUBL-CF Burner

Dramatically reduce NOx emissions with shorter flame length burners


When your existing tight refinery furnace needs an upgrade to lower NOx emissions, the CUBL-CF Compact Flame burner provides the shorter flame you need for your retrofit. CUBL process burners offer dramatic NOx reduction, increased duty, excellent flame stability and wide turndown range. The result is significantly reduced NOx emissions, increased furnace fired duty and improved throughput in the refinery.

The CUBL-CF Compact Flame burner is an economical solution with easy installation and low maintenance requirements. Designed for each customer’s application, our burners provide proven operational performance with reduced environmental impact to the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.


  • Shortened flame lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • Ultra-low NOx emissions
  • Lower maintenance
  • Increased fired duty
  • Improved throughput


  • Retrofits into existing tight refinery furnaces
  • Compact or smaller furnaces (new or retrofit)


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