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Connected Services

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Connected Services is a powerful, digitally-enabled solution with performance measurement and benchmarking that improves operating efficiency. By providing greater operational visibility, it allows refiners and petrochemical operations to readily identify performance gaps and opportunities. This is a proactive service and offers deep insights and real-time recommendations to help you improve uptime and throughput, operational efficiency, and overall performance. 

Connected Services is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Connected Services has tiers of support and a subscriber can indicate the level of expert access, the number of service visits and consulting hours, as well as the digital interface components. Options are available that can be accessed as a simple fee-per-service approach and extend to comprehensive access to experts through Technical Service visits, lab analyses, and data reviews.

When you need us, the Connected Services subscription service provides priority access to Honeywell UOP experts to help solve the most challenging problems. 

Achieve Cost Certainty & Mitigate Risk with Connected Services 

  • Operational and performance benchmarking

  • Proactive monitoring with 24/7 alert management

  • Unit performance evaluations

  • Continuous improvement opportunities 

  • On-demand troubleshooting anywhere in the world

Lifecycle Solutions

Unlock Value with Connected Services

Improve efficiency, identify gaps and opportunities, and gain priority access to UOP experts