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Purifying Process Streams

Maintain efficient natural gas processing with predictable and reliable molecular sieves

Honeywell UOP Adsorbents- Natural Gas

Effective Contaminant Removal Makes Transportation Possible

With domestic availability and well-established infrastructure to support its production and distribution, natural gas and natural liquid gas (NGL) are the most reliable sources of energy today. Because they play a critical role across many industries and are something we utilize each day, broad contaminate removal is needed to meet the specifications required to transport via pipeline or other modes of export.

Honeywell adsorbents can be used to selectively adsorb, remove water, hydrogen sulfide and mercury from gas and NGL streams during natural gas processing. These toxic impurities can threaten the performance of processing equipment and pipelines, affect the quality of natural gas itself and create environmental hazards. Our adsorbents are specifically engineered to maximize the purity of natural gas, subsequently preventing contamination in upstream processes and downstream equipment corrosion.

Prioritize Process Stream Infrastructure and Production

Suitable for various applications, our portfolio of specialty adsorbents for natural gas and NGL processing includes the following:


An innovative, high-performing solution for natural gas dehydration, U1-800:

  • Features a longer adsorbent bed life
  • Can handle unexpected upstream upsets
  • Has better hydrothermal and acid gas stability
  • Includes minimal co-adsorption of impurities

This specially formulated adsorbent dries natural gas and natural gas liquids with:

  • A long service life
  • Predictable, economical dehydration
  • Very low moisture levels
  • Additional hydrogen sulfide and methanol (MeOH) removal

An absorbent used in systems that have liquid carryover of water and hydrocarbons:

  • Resists particle break up
  • Offers fast recovery from upsets
  • Needs less frequent recharges
  • Decreases coking

Protect Your Plant's Efficiency With Honeywell Adsorbents 

Highly effective across mercury and hydrogen sulfide removal applications, our adsorbents help protect natural gas from mercurial toxins and adsorb harmful hydrogen sulfide impurities for maximum compliance and uptime. Honeywell's global technical support team is an ongoing resource for natural gas and NGL plants looking to maintain efficiency. No matter your requirements, we can provide process optimization suggestions and help you select the right solution for your business objectives. 

UOP Russell & UOP Ortloff

UOP has a wide range of knowledge in processing and purification with our UOP Russell gas treating equipment and UOP Ortloff technologies. Learn more about them and discover our modular construction offerings.

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