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NGL/LPG Recovery

UOP Ortloff NGL/LPG Recovery Solutions

Optimize gas liquid recovery with higher recovery, more operational flexibility and lower energy requirements

As a process technology inventor and continued innovator, Honeywell UOP offers a broad portfolio of Ortloff solutions with guaranteed high-value NGL/LPG recovery. Whether you need high, ultra-high or flexible recovery, Ortloff process technologies can meet stringent product specifications and operational demands more efficiently.  Ortloff technologies are offered for new plant projects as well as retrofits of existing plant.

Ortloff Ultra-High Recovery technologies can provide more than 99 percent product recoveries, while Flexible Recovery technologies can efficiently reject or recover ethane from less than 2% up to over 99% ethane recovery without losing propane recovery. With the right solution for your gas processing plant, you can maximize returns, even in shifting markets. UOP technical service can also help you improve your existing NGL recovery operations by evaluating your plant through a health check and identifying opportunities for improvement, including retrofits.  Ortloff NGL/LPG Technology has been licensed to process over 50.0 BSCFD of natural gas in more than 260 plants ranging in size from 25 MSCFD to 1.4 BSCFD located in over 30 countries around the word.