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Gas Processing

Natural Gas Liquids Recovery

The value of natural gas liquids, such as ethane and propane, is increasing due to growing global demand for petrochemical feedstock, heating and power. Honeywell UOP’s natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery solutions are specialized to maximize recovery while providing you with high operational flexibility and greater returns on plant investments. 

UOP Ortloff NGL Recovery Solutions

Whether you need high, ultra-high or flexible recovery, UOP Ortloff NGL recovery technologies can meet stringent product specifications and operational demands more efficiently. Ortloff solutions provide up to 99-plus percent NGL/LPG recovery and offer flexibility for changing economic or operating conditions.

UOP Russell Modular Plants

For challenging scenarios such as remote locations and short project timelines, the UOP Russell line of modular plants offer high NGL recovery through pre-engineered, skid-mounted units. The factory-built approach allows for predictable costs and schedules and quick construction with superior quality.

Explore Our Aftermarket Solutions

Learn how UOP’s service, spare parts and consumables, equipment upgrades and process monitoring tools can improve your modular gas processing operations. 



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