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Natural Gas Adsorbent Solutions

Cut your risk of costly equipment failure and plant downtime


To run a reliable and efficient gas processing plant, you need effective contaminant removal. Impurities such as water and mercury, can impact the quality of your products and damage processing equipment leading to costly plant shutdowns.

Honeywell UOP adsorbents remove contaminants from natural gas and natural gas liquid (NGL) streams to help you:

  • increase the value of your product streams
  • reduce health, safety, and environmental hazards
  • prevent corrosion and equipment reliability issues 
  • maintain catalyst life and activity at downstream processing facilities

Our global team can help select the right solution for your business objectives and is an ongoing resource for process optimization suggestions and troubleshooting to help maintain efficiency at your plant.

You can further protect your adsorbent investment with the UOP ARMGuardTM system that provides real-time insight into your operations.