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Gas & LPG Treating

Meet ultra-low sulfur fuel specifications through a proven technology

With growing concern on greenhouse gas emissions, the specifications for transportation fuels are becoming more stringent globally. The Honeywell UOP MeroxTM process uses a highly efficient design to economically achieve ever-tightening sulfur specifications while maintaining strict environmental compliance.  

The UOP Merox process, first commercialized 60 years ago, extracts low molecular weight mercaptans from gas and LPG streams. UOP has continued to improve the process and manufactures highly active and selective catalysts to help refiners reduce capital investment and improve operability. The Merox process can eliminate the need to purchase expensive proprietary equipment, is not susceptible to fouling, does not require feed or caustic filters and offers greater than 99.5% on-stream availability.

UOP also offers the UOP nViro MeroxTM Effluent Treatment (nViro MET) technology and UOP Sulfide Oxidation process offer effective solutions to manage spent caustic streams.


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