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Convert low cost feedstocks into high yields of propylene and ethylene


Olefins, such as propylene and ethylene, are in demand as building blocks for a wide variety of products such as plastics, rubber, synthetics and solvents. Honeywell UOP petrochemical technologies can help you increase the value of your feedstocks by transforming them into olefins.

As an industry leader in petrochemical process technology for more than 70 years, UOP continues to deliver proven, flexible solutions with high yield returns. Whether you have alternative feedstock, such as coal or natural gas, methanol or a traditional feedstock such as propane, UOP has the solution to help make propylene and ethylene at the lowest cash cost of production.

UOP’s olefin technology portfolio includes solutions for:

  • Ethylene
  • Propylene
  • Butylenes
  • Butadiene


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