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The UOP Integrated Olefin Suite is a collection of commercially proven technologies to create a step change in naphtha cracker performance. By economically improving   the quality of naphtha cracker feeds, the yield of ethylene is increased, and the production of lower-value by-products are reduced. Optional processes are available to increase, decrease or eliminate the production of by-products such propylene, butadiene, butenes, and benzene to match the customer’s strategic objectives.

Key benefits

  1. MAXIMIZE ETHYLENE: Boost the production of ethylene from naphtha by 15%-30%¹ in typical applications and over 50%² in certain situations using MaxEneTM and IsoFlexTM to convert C4-C7 hydrocarbon streams containing normal paraffins, iso-paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics to an ideal and consistent steam cracker feed containing over 90% n-paraffins
  2. MAXIMIZE PROPYLENE: If more propylene is desired, byproduct C4-C8 olefins from the cracker along with other sources can be converted into mainly propylene using the Total Petrochemicals/ UOP Olefin Cracking Process. If even greater production of propylene is desired, propane from other sources can be fed to a UOP Oleflex unit to generate a step change in propylene.
  3. REDUCE FEEDSTOCK: With the higher yields of ethylene and propylene from a given amount of feed stock, the UOP Integrated Olefins Suite can reduce feedstock requirements by up to 50%³ for a given light olefin production
  4. CUSTOMIZE BY-PRODUCTS: The UOP Integrated Olefin Suite contains optional process technologies to increase desired by-products and decrease or eliminate undesired by-products to meet your strategic objectives.
  5. REDUCE ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT: The Integrated Olefin Suite significantly** improves the efficiency of olefin complexes and reduces environmental.

UOP is your partner: we are equipped to efficiently work with you to develop the most optimal solution to meet your objectives. We’re the company that can offer a petrochemical complex to make the products you want in the quantity that you need.

The UOP IsoFlexTM and AroFlexTM processes may include the following services:

  • Research & development
  • Evaluation services
  • Market and economic studies
  • Consulting services
  • Design services
  • Engineering services
  • Technical services

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