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Sulfur Recovery Solutions

Reliable Sulfur Recovery Processes

Keep your plant running with higher reliability and recovery efficiency


Conventional sulfur recovery units (SRUs) are often plagued with reliability and operability issues that cause costly unplanned shutdowns. Based on continued innovation and half a century of Ortloff™ sulfur recovery experience, Honeywell UOP has developed unique SRU designs that are more robust, easier to operate and less prone to corrosion and failure. This results in service lives of more than 30 years and significantly minimizes both planned and unplanned shutdowns.

UOP offers a comprehensive portfolio of sulfur recovery technologies to help reduce emissions, including the Modified Claus, Tailgas Cleanup and Selectox processes.


  • Lower emissions with Ortloff SRUs
  • Avoid plant shutdowns with Ortloff SRUs
  • High reliability with Ortloff SRUS
  • Learn about UOP sulfur recovery solutions