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Gas Processing

Sulfur Recovery Solutions

Sulfur is removed as a contaminant from sour gas streams to reduce harmful emissions and protect downstream equipment. It can also be recovered as a marketable by-product. As sulfur dioxide emissions regulations become more stringent globally, gas processors need proven sulfur recovery solutions to reliably comply with the strictest requirements.

With half a century of Ortloff™ sulfur recovery experience and more than 100 installations worldwide, Honeywell UOP has developed a comprehensive portfolio of sulfur recovery units (SRUs) with high recovery efficiencies and excellent on-stream times. UOP’s sulfur recovery systems meet stringent environmental regulations with high reliability and operational flexibility, leading to increased plant profitability.

Explore Our Thermal Oxidizers

Learn how UOP’s Thermal Oxidizers can be paired with your sulfur recovery process for improved performance.

PDF Image Honeywell UOP Sulfur Recovery Brochure
  • Lower emissions with Ortloff SRUs
  • Avoid plant shutdowns with Ortloff SRUs
  • High reliability with Ortloff SRUS
  • Learn about UOP sulfur recovery solutions