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Callidus Burners

Callidus Ultra-Blue Hydrogen (CUBH) Burners

Meet Tighter Emissions Goals in Flexible Fuels Service in Blue and Green Hydrogen Processes 

CUBH burner

As the world strives to reduce greenhouse gases, Honeywell UOP Callidus Proprietary CUBH burners are a powerful tool to help decarbonize your plant today to meet your emissions goals.

The CUBH burner utilizes novel, dynamic cavity stabilization technology to rapidly switch between highly variable and changing fuel sources. The CUBH lights-off, starts-up, stands-by, ramps-up and operates to full capacity while dynamically transitioning and switching between any specified fuel requiring no special operator intervention.


  • Ready-now, commercially field proven Callidus CUBL burner technology
  • Flexible fuel gas: 100% hydrogen fuel gas to 100% hydrocarbon using patent- pending multi - cavity flame stabilization technology
  • Customer tailored for retrofit or new units in either Blue or Green Hydrogen services
  • Fits existing burner cut-outs
  • Callidus can perform feasibility and suitability studies of any fired equipment
  • Pre-award and FEED study performance validation testing available


  • Extremely flexible fuel operation to respond to changing economics or regulatory environments
  • Immediately transition to different fuel gases with no special operator intervention
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Pre-qualify the technology to meet your performance requirements with performance testing
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate project schedule and performance risk by addressing all design questions


  • Blue Hydrogen New & Retrofit Applications
  • Steam Methane Reformer (SMR)
  • Steam Crackers
  • Process Furnaces
  • Carbon Capture Retrofits

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Documents and Downloads
PDF Image Honeywell UOP Callidus® CUBP Breakthrough Low Nox Steam Cracker Burner
PDF Image Honeywell UOP CUBH Burner for Steam Methane Reformers
PDF Image Test Report for CUBH and CUBP Process Heater
PDF Image Test Report for CUBH DownFired-PSA