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eCommerce Portal FAQ

What are the benefits of registering for an account?

Users who request access to the eCommerce portal will be able to view their account-specific pricing, keep track of frequently purchased products with the favorite feature, place orders, track shipments, view previous order details and sign up for order status notifications. 

How do I create an account and request eCommerce portal access?

Customers can register for access to the UOP Customer Portal by going to uop.honeywell.com, clicking Sign In, then selecting Create an Account. Complete the form and allow 1-2 days for account verification. Watch the Registration Tutorial Video for a complete walkthrough. 

After the UOP Customer Portal Account request has been approved, customers should login to their account by navigating to uop.honeywell.com, clicking on MyUOP > MyUOP Home to see the application tiles that are available to you. Select the eCommerce tile and click the Request button. Your Customer Care team will be notified and enable your access based on your account and your role. You will be notified via email once your access has been granted.

If you do not see the eCommerce tile, go to MyUOP > My Account then find  eCommerce from the list of applications and click the Request button. Your Customer Care team will be notified and enable your access based on your account and your role. You will be notified via email once your access has been granted.

Why do I have to identify as a buyer or non-buyer?

First time users of the eCommerce portal will be prompted to select a role: buyer or non-buyer. Certain actions and features within the portal are restricted to buyers such as placing an order, quick order, reordering, and viewing order history. Buyers are individuals authorized by their organization to place orders online. Contact your Sales Account Manager if you’re unsure of which role you should select.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

From the Sign In page, click the link for Forgot Password.  Enter your Username/Email then check your mailbox and follow the instructions to reset your password.

How can I validate the account number linked to my profile?

First time users will need to match their profile to their company’s account. Once you have activated your account successfully, we will link your profile to an account:

a.   If your business email domain matches our records, an “Account Match” window will automatically pop-up when you sign in and you will be able to select your location.

b.   If your account wasn’t matched, please reach out to UOPportal.support@honeywell.com and provide your Honeywell account number that needs to be associated with your web account. 

Will all users be able to place orders online?

Only customers who are authorized by their organization to place online orders may request access to the Online Ordering application for eCommerce. These requests must be approved by a Honeywell Webshop Administrator.  An individual’s access can be revoked if Honeywell determines that a user should not be authorized to place online orders.

How do I find products in the portal?

Option A: Use the search bar to find products

Our search bar makes it easy for you to find products by product number, product name, and product description. 

Option B: Navigating by product family

Located in the top right of the page, click on the Products button and this will open the list of product categories. You can navigate the list until you find the desired product(s).

I know the products I want to order; how can I quickly add them to the cart?

1.  To use our Quick Order feature, locate Quick Order button on the right side of the page. This section will allow you to Add Multiple items by putting one or more product number(s) into the search field separated by a comma (,), and click the "Add Products" button (i.e.: 55886525, 1485555, 5544141255...). If you are looking for a product with sizes, don't forget to include the size in the search field, otherwise the correct product will not be found (i.e.: 2100250-06, 4506000-s...).

2.  You can also bulk upload using a CSV file with the product number(s) and quantities. This file must be a text file in the CSV format. The text file should list the product number(s) followed by a comma and then the quantity--one product per line. The maximum file size is 10.00kb. You can download the template by clicking the Download Template button.

How do I order a product?

Fill your cart with the products you’d like to order or use our Quick Order feature to populate your cart then start the checkout process.

1.  From the product page, add your desired product(s) to the cart.

2.  Review your cart to ensure that you have the right products and quantities selected. Then click checkout.

3.  Complete the checkout process by filling in all required fields that are indicated with a red asterisk (*). Note: only purchase orders are currently accepted through UOP’s commerce portal.    

4.  Next, add shipping instructions and marks / labeling information during checkout. TIP: under “Required Shipping Docs”, request any additional documents needed with your purchase such as Certificate of Analysis, etc. 

5.  Finally, select Place My Order to complete your purchase. Note: tax, shipping, and other associated costs will be provided by the Customer Care Team once your order is confirmed. 

Why can’t I add certain products to my cart?

You are able to browse our adsorbents portfolio in the eCommerce portal however, you will need to contact your sales account manager for a price quote on products that you have no order history for.

What payment options are available for my online orders?

Conveniently order from us by entering a Purchase Order Number during checkout to pay via your business account. Note: payments by credit cards are currently not accepted but we are working to bring this feature to our customers in a future portal update.

Can I reorder the same products?

Yes. After placing an order you will be able to review your order history. Select an order by clicking the respective Sales Order number. At the top of the page, you will see an option to Reorder. The same products will be added to your cart. Complete the checkout process as described above.

As a distributor, I need to ship to a new customer – how do I add a new ship-to address to my account?

You can manage your Ship-To addresses during checkout by selecting the Address Book button, by selecting the Address Book button, choosing from an existing address on file or click the link below the Address Book button to add a new Ship-To address.

How do I view my order history?

When you are logged into the eCommerce Portal, select the drop-down list next to your account name then click My Account > Order History.

Within Order History, you can filter by the following options to easily find the order you are looking for: All Orders, Sales Order Number, PO Number, Status, Invoice Number, Date Range, Specific Date.

Where do I go to download related information?

Navigate to Order History and click the Sales Order Number that you would like to download related information for. Here, you can click the active links under MSDS, Invoice, Packing List,  Shipping # and Shipping Details to download to view more. Active links will appear in blue.

How do I check the status of my order?

On the Order History page, the column named Status will show you how your order is progressing through our system. i.e. Completely Shipped, In Progress, Order Pending, Partially Shipped, Preparing Shipment, Schedule.

On the Sales Order page, you will see another column named Shipping Details. Selecting View More will allow you to see additional details related to the shipment of your order.

Will I be able to receive alerts if there are changes to my order?

Yes, you have the option to Subscribe for notifications about order changes. Navigate to the Sales Order page for your order. At the top of the page, select the Subscribe button to receive email updates on your order.

I’m having trouble with the portal; how do I request assistance?

To contact the digital support team, locate the Contact Us button in the top right corner. Submit your completed form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How can I contact my Sales Account Manager?

For inquires related to products and pricing, you can contact your sales account manager via email or submit a message via the portal. Navigate to the customer portal MyUOP > MyUOP Home and scroll to the Quick Updates section. Click Send Message under you Honeywell UOP Representatives and submit the brief form with a message for your account manager.

What can the chatbot help me with?

Use the chatbot, Honeywell Assist, to get an update on your order status, submit a service request, or get answers to FAQs.