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HSP Adsorbents

Refining Adsorbent Solutions

Protect your plant equipment, personnel and the environment

From shifting fuel demands to stricter product specifications and environmental regulations, the refining industry is evolving. We can help you meet today’s refining challenges through effective contaminant removal. 

A pioneer in adsorbent technology, Honeywell UOP offers non-regenerative and regenerative adsorbents that remove harmful impurities from various hydrocarbon streams to meet your specifications, reduce costly plant shutdowns and extend catalyst life. 

Removing contaminants will help you:

  • Minimize environmental concerns and assure plant personnel’s health and safety
  • Prevent the deactivation of in-house refinery process catalysts and downstream petrochemical catalysts when using refined products as feedstock
  • Meet product specifications
  • Maximize profits

You can protect your chloride adsorbent investment with the UOP ChlorideGuardTM system that can evaluate your treater for better reliability and predictability.

  • Learn how we can meet your unique needs
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