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Petrochemical Adsorbent Solutions

Meet high-purity product specifications


Don’t let impurities poison your petrochemical plant. Honeywell UOP adsorbents can effectively remove harmful contaminants to produce high-purity feedstocks and keep your plant running smoothly.

Adsorbents are widely used in the petrochemical industry to remove trace contaminants such as water and sulfur in the feed, intermediate and product streams. Using the right adsorbent is critical for petrochemical plants due to the reactivity of ethylene plant streams. 

Whether for a UOP-licensed technology or another petrochemical process technology, we offer a broad portfolio of adsorbent products in a wide variety of packages. Our team of highly skilled experts can guide you through the product selection and design process for your specific application and provide ongoing support.

You can further protect your adsorbent investment with the UOP ARMGuardTM system that provides real-time insight into your operations.

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