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Join us and reimagine recycling. Today’s petrochemical companies primarily use fossil feed sources, such as those derived from crude oil, processing it through steam crackers that can provide multiple high value, high purity, and different types of plastics. However, most of the plastic in the world today is recycled by conventional means and only results in about a 10-15 percent recycling rate. This leaves a lot of room for improvement.

As experts in chemical processing, we are ready to help tackle the global challenge of plastic waste through advanced chemical recycling. With Honeywell UpCycle process we fill a critical gap in the plastic circularity chain. By supplementing existing mechanical recycling approaches with new chemical recycling technologies, such as UpCycle, it may be possible to recycle up to 90 percent of the world’s waste plastic (provided all plastic could be collected). Our chemical recycling technology generates Honeywell Recycled Polymer Feedstock that can be used to produce new plastics, working towards dramatically improved plastics circularity to help minimize plastic waste that would go to landfills or incineration.

Honeywell UpCycle advanced plastics recycling technology can upgrade a wide range of plastics, including municipal waste plastic, industrial packaging materials and other plastic production discard products, as well as plastic films and flexible packaging.

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