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plastics recycling

The world needs a better solution for recycling, so the need to support changes to plastic waste management is more critical than ever. Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) companies are looking to use more recycled content in their packaging in a circular and environmentally sustainable cycle. The Honeywell UpCycle Process is a continuous commercial-scale process to upgrade otherwise unrecycled waste plastics into Recycled Polymer Feedstock, which displaces fossil feedstocks in new plastics production.

As a method to produce new recycled plastics of virgin quality, the Honeywell UpCycle Process results in CO2 equivalent emissions reductions of at least 57 percent relative to production of the same amount of virgin plastics from fossil sources. As a method of waste handling, Honeywell UpCycle results in CO2 equivalent emissions reductions of at least 77 percent.  

From both a plastics production and waste handling perspective, such CO2 reductions are some of the largest improvements among all pyrolysis technology offerings.

Help the world work toward recycling up to 90 percent of the global plastic wastes. You can contribute to this effort by the implementation of advanced recycling processes, such as Honeywell's UpCycle Process, along with continuing to support existing mechanical recycling and improved sorting and collection.

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