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Produce Virgin Quality Materials at Half the Co2 Footprint.

Make new plastic out of old plastic waste. The Honeywell UpCycle Process and Recycled Polymer Feedstock will expand packaging and waste plastic circularity – resulting in virgin quality recycled products and greater recycled plastics production.

Take the waste plastic and break it down so it can go back to feed the existing plastics production infrastructure to make new plastic again. This technology, an advanced recycling process called UpCycle, is different from mechanical recycling, in which plastic is simply melted down and reshaped.

With UpCycle we could potentially increase the amount of plastic that can be recycled three times (3X). Plastic waste unsuitable for mechanical recycling is processed by the UpCycle Process to enable production of virgin quality new plastics, incentivizing increased collection efforts. As a method to produce new recycled plastics, UOP UpCycle results in CO2 equivalent emissions reductions of at least 57 percent relative to production of the same amount of virgin plastics from fossil sources. 

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