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Connected Competency

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From the company that defined the skills necessary to increase uptime, throughput, and troubleshoot process units, Connected Competency is a digitally-enabled training and education solution that reduces time to competency and ensures your workers are operationally ready to perform their jobs.

For both greenfield and brownfield applications, Connected Competency is a holistic solution for all phases of plant operation and provides tailored learning when and where your workers need it. Solutions within Connected Competency include, Connected Start-up, Event-based Virtual Learning, On-demand Knowledge Vault, and Connected Turnaround and Revamp. These solutions train workers on the right skills to maximize safety, efficiency, and the reliability of the units they maintain.

Built on a competency management philosophy, the solution focuses on core, role-based competencies. The solution includes skills-gap assessment, development of learning plans, delivery of the training, and measurement and certification of a participant’s progress. Connected Competency is designed to assess gaps, shorten the time to achieve competency, and to sustain the benefits over time.


Lifecycle Solutions

Unlock Value with Connected Competency

Assess your gaps, shorten the time to achieve competency, and sustain the benefits over time