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Nuclear Waste Remediation

Superior radionuclides removal from liquid waste

Even in extreme conditions, Honeywell UOP IONSIV™  products have the proven performance needed to successfully remediate nuclear wastes. IONSIV™  Selective Media are microporous, inorganic, crystalline adsorbents that exhibit high selectivity and capacity for radionuclides in the presence of high concentrations of competing non-radioactive ions.

UOP’s portfolio of Selective Media, including alumino silicates (zeolites) and crystalline silicotitanates, allows us to tailor a solution for your needs.

We offer cesium and/or strontium removal solutions for:

  • Radwaste streams in commercial power plants
  • Radwaste streams in decommissioning / decontamination projects
  • Nuclear reprocessing waste alkaline supernatant
  • Nuclear fuel storage pool water
  • Evaporator overheads

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