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Making An Impact With Medical Oxygen

An essential, life-saving treatment for many respiratory diseases, medical oxygen is a critical resource with global demand. At Honeywell Separation and Purification Solutions, we help provide a steady, high-performing supply to meet patients’ current and future oxygen concentrator needs.



Maximizing Performance in High-Priority Application

Our molecular sieve adsorbents help medical oxygen concentrators perform optimally. The high efficiency of our sieves means concentrators can be designed in a smaller footprint and require less power. and thus experience prolonged battery life. They’re also lightweight for smaller and more mobile portable concentrators.

When paired with our longstanding production experience and rigorous standards for quality control, our uniquely formulated molecular sieves for medical oxygen meet ISO-certification requirements, maximize strength and mass transfer performance and maintain consistency through each drum.

We offer two variations of medical oxygen molecular sieves:


Provides efficient performance for stationary concentrators and is the highest performing sodium exchanged molecular sieve.

  • Best for standard 5 lpm units
  • Can be used in optimized cost/performance bed loading with lithium-exchanged molecular sieve


A lithium-exchanged molecular sieve that has high Nremoval capacity and selectivity to optimize performance for all concentrators, including portables.

  • Best for high-performance 5 lpm machines
  • Lowest bed size factor available

Both solutions adsorb nitrogen from the air using a pressure or vacuum swing system to obtain oxygen purity of up to 95%. Avoid undue exposure to the atmosphere when filling beds and long storage time between filling and assembling modules. It is best to store filled beds in low-humidity environments.

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