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Specialty Adsorbents

Air Separation

Improve performance in air separation plant pre-purification units

Honeywell UOP adsorbents for air separation and other industrial gas plants help improve your process economics. The high adsorption capacity and selectivity of these adsorbents can reduce capital and operating costs for plants producing high purity gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Oxygen Production Solutions

UOP offers a full portfolio of high-capacity molecular sieve and activated alumina adsorbents for cryogenic and non-cryogenic air separation processes. The latest generation products are engineered to provide high capacity and selectivity for improved plant economics and greater operational flexibility.

Hydrogen Production Solutions

UOP MOLSIVTM adsorbents play a key role in the design of efficient processes for purifying synthesis gas (syngas) streams prior to downstream processing. The high efficiency of MOLSIV adsorbents also improves the economics of PSA H2 processes. These highly selective adsorbents remove impurities to very low levels, enabling the production of H2 with greater than 99.9 percent purity.

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