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Isomerization Catalysts

Gain high activity, increased product yields and longer catalyst life

When you are looking for high quality, reliable isomerization catalysts, you can depend on Honeywell UOP. UOP has been a proven industry leader for isomerization catalysts since the start-up of the first UOP Penex™ unit in 1958.

Our portfolio of isomerization catalysts covers a broad range of applications, including: the UOP Penex, Butamer™, TIP, Par-Isom™ and zeolitic once-through process units. We offer a wide variety of process and catalyst solutions for light naphtha isomerization, matching the right technology for your application. 

Featured Isomerization Catalyst:
UOP’s latest light paraffin isomerization catalysts offer additional flexibility for Butamer™ and Penex™ applications. These advanced catalysts, including UOP I-82, I-84, I-122 and I-124, offer:

  • High activity and conversion
  • Product yields that exceed 99 percent per volume
  • Long catalyst life
  • Reduced reactor fill costs


PDF Image UOP PI-244 Par-Isom Catalyst Datasheet