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Maximize high quality detergent production from the global LAB leader

The global demand for laundry detergents is driving the need for linear alkyl-benzene (LAB). Honeywell UOP is the global LAB technology leader, with more than 80% of the world's LAB being produced using the UOP detergents technologies. For new projects or existing operations, UOP catalysts can help maximize your production of high-quality detergent products, including LAB, n-Paraffin and higher olefins. Our catalyst experts can help you find the best technology solution for your complex.

Featured Detergent Catalysts:

Linear Alkylbenzene                                                                                                                 

You can maximize production of LAB in your new and existing units using a variety of UOP catalysts, including:

  • DeH-11 – excellent stability and selectivity in your UOP Pacol unit
  • DeH-201 – maximizes production in your LAB unit
  • H-14 and ADS-102 – maximize performance of your DeFine and PEP units
  • DA-114 – our newest solid acid catalyst replaces the liquid hydrofluoric acid catalyst previously required in Detal units
  • ZDA-30 – offers 2-phenyl flexibility, reduced utility and capital costs and improved selectivity