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Refrigerant Drying

Keep moisture low and reduce corrosion in your refrigerant system

Moisture in your refrigerant system can cause costly damage and corrosion. Honeywell UOP’s series of XH™ molecular sieve desiccants are a cost-effective, reliable solution to help prevent system failures in automotive and stationary refrigeration systems.

Water can enter your refrigerant system when it is manufactured, or it can seep in over time via hoses, fittings and other components. Uncontrolled system moisture can freeze capillary tubes and expansion valves, corrode metal part, and plug expansion devices with sludge. 

UOP molecular sieve desiccants offer:

  • Superb drying capacity
  • Compatibility with specific refrigerants and lubricants without volatile reactions
  • High mechanical strength
  • Particle integrity to prevent crushing or attrition especially in high vibration applications like automotive air conditioning
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliability