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Specialty Adsorbents

Nuclear Waste Remediation

Superior radionuclides removal from liquid waste

Even in extreme conditions, Honeywell UOP IONSIV products have the proven performance needed to successfully remediate nuclear wastes. IONSIV Selective Media are microporous, inorganic, crystalline adsorbents that exhibit high selectivity and capacity for radionuclides in the presence of high concentrations of competing non-radioactive ions.

UOP’s portfolio of Selective Media, including alumino silicates (zeolites) and crystalline silicotitanates, allows us to tailor a solution for your needs.

We offer cesium and/or strontium removal solutions for:

  • Radwaste streams in commercial power plants
  • Radwaste streams in decommissioning / decontamination projects
  • Nuclear reprocessing waste alkaline supernatant
  • Nuclear fuel storage pool water
  • Evaporator overheads