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Our previously hosted Webinars are available to you On Demand.  Our technical experts share their knowledge on important topics such as new product offerings and processing unit operations.

  • The Journey to Sustained Profitability | A New Era for Alkylation with Ionic Liquid Alkylation
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  • REFINERY OF THE FUTURE 2020 | An Online Conference for Professionals in the Downstream Sector  
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  • E6 STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK AND METHODOLOGY | How to Benchmark the Efficiency of Your Investments   
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  • MANAGING YOUR UNIT TURNDOWN | Best Practices & Recommended Approaches 

UOP Technical experts share best practices and recommendations  for turning down Platforming™, Light Naphtha Isomerization, FCC,    HF Alkylation, Aromatics Complexes, Treating, Hydroprocessing, and other UOP technologies. 
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