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Economics of decarbonization with IRA and Honeywell sustainability portfolio

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), passed by the US government on August 16, 2022, provides nearly $370B in clean energy and climate funding over the next decade There has never been a better time to invest in a more sustainable future. Our upcoming webinar will provide valuable insights into key IRA provisions and enabling technologies to accelerate industrial decarbonization and achieve your long-term financial and sustainability goals

This webinar will offer an incredible opportunity for you to learn and gain valuable insights

1.      Overview of Global and US Green House Gas Emissions
2.      Inflation Reduction Act and its key provisions
3.      Decarbonization Transformation Pathways4.      Honeywell Sustainable solutions for

  • Clean Hydrogen
  • Carbon Capture
  • Renewable Fuels and
  • Energy Storage

Honeywell, as a global leader in industrial decarbonization, is at the forefront of driving sustainability and reducing emissions across industries. Through innovative technologies and an industry-wide Sustainability portfolio, Honeywell is working to reduce emissions and promote a cleaner energy transition.

Join us to learn about building a cleaner environment and how organizations like Honeywell can help you leverage the incentives provided by the Inflation Reduction Act. By doing so, together we can contribute towards building a greener future, benefiting businesses and the environment alike.


Naved Reza
Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions

Steve Skillen
Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions

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