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Renewable Fuels

Honeywell Green Diesel™

High quality diesel fuel that emits up to 85% fewer greenhouse gas emissions


With increased global concern on climate change and renewable energy regulations, Honeywell Green Diesel helps you comply with regulatory obligations and reduce emissions without sacrificing performance.

Produced with the innovative UOP Ecofining™ process, Honeywell Green Diesel has a cetane value of 80 — much better than the cetane value of traditional diesel, which translates to improved operating efficiency. Unlike biodiesel, renewable green diesel is chemically identical to petroleum-based diesel and can be used as a drop-in replacement in vehicles with no modifications required.

Green Diesel Advantages:

  • Pure drop-in fuel that can be blended in any proportion with petroleum fuel
  • High cetane and low density can enhance your diesel pool’s performance characteristics
  • Requires no changes to fuel infrastructure or vehicle technology
  • Up to 85% lower greenhouse gas emissions with ultra-low sulfur and low NOx emissions
  • Excellent performance at both cold and warm temperatures
  • Stable, not oxygenated


  • How does Ecofining Process work?
  • Honeywell Green Diesel reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions up to 85%