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Vacuum Gas Oil Conversion

Increase your profitability through cost-effective upgrading

Vacuum gas oil (VGO) is a key feedstock for fluid catalytic crackers used to make transportation fuels and many other by-products. The Honeywell UOP FCC, Unicracking™ and VGO Unionfining™ processes are the keys to cost-effectively upgrading VGO into valuable products.

Whether used alone or in combination, these VGO treating and conversion technologies can produce a wide range of diesel/gasoline ratios while meeting stringent product specifications. Feedstock blends of VGO and deasphalted oil, coker gas oils and residue hydroprocessing products can also be effectively upgraded to further increase net fuel oil conversion.

Our solutions include a full range of world-class catalyst solutions used in conjunction with carefully selected processing conditions to achieve your desired product properties at minimum investment and operating costs. And through an alliance with ExxonMobil Catalysts & Licensing (EMCL), we offer integrated solutions to produce lube base oils and high-quality fuels as a one-stop-shop.


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