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ISOALKY Process Technology

Chevron & Honeywell announce start-up of World's First commercial unit

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ISOALKY™ Alkylation Process Solution

Improve your profitability and increase the blend quality of your gasoline ISOALKY™ Alkylation Process Solution

The ISOALKY process solution offers refiners the ability to produce alkylate using a specialized ionic liquid catalyst that simplifies handling procedures and provides comparable process and economic performance to conventional liquid or solid acid catalysts. The technology is backed by 80 years of innovation in alkylation by Honeywell UOP and an alliance with one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, as well as a successful startup and operation at design rate and octane for the first commercial size ISOALKY unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • ISOALKY Catalyst has negligible vapor pressure and only standard refinery PPE is required to handle
  • Strong Catalyst Activity leads to 400 times lower catalyst consumption than a similar sized H2SO4 Alkylation unit.
  • Feed Flexibility increases refinery options by accepting olefin feedstocks from ethylene to amylenes
  • No Heavy Oil by-product leads to higher alkylate yield
  • Reduced Environmental Impact with on-line regeneration leading to no SOx and lower CO2 generation
  • Small, simple, in-situ catalyst regeneration compared to the frequent, high-temperature regeneration of solid alkylation catalyst


UOP HF Alkylation

The UOP HF Alkylation direct alkylation process catalytically combines light olefins such as propylene, butylene or amylene with isobutane to increase their value and make an environmentally sound alkylate product for high-octane gasoline blending. UOP technology offers:

  • Alkylate production with a low RVP and near-zero olefin and aromatic content
  • Acid consumption more than 200 times lower per barrel of alkylate compared to other direct alkylation technologies for lower overall operating costs reduced acid handling
  • Enhanced process operation to reduce acid volatility and improve overall plant safety through the UOP ReVAP™ process

Indirect Alkylation Additionally, UOP offers an indirect alkylation process that improves gasoline blend quality by producing a clean-burning, mid-boiling-range iso-paraffin alkylate which is a high octane, low RVP, low sulfur with no olefins or aromatics blend component. The UOP InAlk™ process uses standard hydrocarbon processing technology and catalysts, offering the flexibility to meet your operation’s objectives. Isobutane Production For the production of isobutane, a primary feedstock for the alkylation process, the UOP Butamer™ process is a highly efficient and low-cost solution. With the increased penetration of ethanol into the overall gasoline blend pool, there will be an increased need for alkylate and, as a result, a focus on economic in situ routes for producing isobutane to feed the alkylation process. A continuous development program aimed at improving the design, operating, and catalyst employed in this process has positioned this process to meet the future needs of gasoline focused refiners. Contact us for more information.

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