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Minimize investment and production costs through an integrated aromatics complex


From revamps and upgrades to world-class new projects, Honeywell UOP can help improve your profitability through an optimized, integrated aromatics complex. Our process technologies efficiently meet benzene, para-xylene and meta-xylene product requirements with minimum feedstock and energy consumption and lower production costs.

UOP is a world-leading licensor of aromatics process technology, with more than 100 complexes and more than 700 individual process units to produce aromatics. Our commitment to continuous innovation in process technology, catalysts and adsorbents sets us apart, offering our customers:

  • Low feedstock consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Low energy consumption and overall cost of production
  • High reliability and on-stream efficiency


  • What are aromatics?
  • Components of an Aromatics complex
  • What is the CCR Platforming process?
  • How the Isomar Process Can Add Value
  • What is Toluene Methylation?
  • What are the advantages of the Parex process?