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Gas Treating

Acid Gas Removal

Remove harmful acid gas contaminants from natural gas streams and improve overall performance

Raw natural gas streams often contain impurities that can cause significant damage to pipelines and processing equipment. Honeywell UOP’s flexible acid gas removal solutions effectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from gas streams to meet product specifications and protect downstream equipment. With installations around the globe, UOP process technologies are a proven choice for effective contaminant removal.

UOP offers both onshore and offshore solutions for bulk or selective acid gas removal. These technologies include UOP Separex™ membrane systems, UOP Amine Guard™ FS process, UOP Benfield™ process, UOP SeparALLTM process, UOP Selectox™ process and adsorbent technologies. UOP experts can help you determine the right technology to meet your product specifications and operational goals.

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