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Ready to achieve higher operational efficiencies without making major changes to your plant? Honeywell UOP Process Equipment has the solutions you need for a cost-effective retrofit.

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Honeywell UOP Process Equipment provides state-of-the art equipment and retrofit solutions that allow customers to focus on proactive maintenance strategies and process optimizations leading to reduction in total cost of ownership. UOP offers flexible, future forward, and connected technologies addressing energy challenges for today and tomorrow. From reducing energy consumption to improving efficiency and environmental footprint, Honeywell can help you on your journey.

Industry Solution UOP Process Equipment can support the entire lifecycle of your plant with our cutting-edge products, providing solutions that minimize equipment size and installed costs on grassroots units and maximize production and reduce energy requirements via retrofits of existing assets.

Tailored Solutions for Your Heat Transfer and Distillation Problems UOP distillation trays and heat transfer tubes are tailored design to maximize column and heat exchanger performance within the unique needs and operating conditions for each process unit. For over 50 years, UOP has been a leading supplier of high-performance heat transfer and separation equipment for the petrochemical, gas and refining industries, providing high performance trays, packing and tubes in over 3,000 process units. With this substantial commercial experience, UOP is positioned to offer equipment that not only have outstanding performance but are backed by broad and documented field experience.

Technology has evolved. Your existing equipment can, too.

With a revamp using our high-performance tubes and trays, you could potentially increase capacity, reduce energy consumption and lower your carbon emissions — all within the same footprint. Plus, by revamping older equipment before an unplanned shutdown occurs, you can have the benefits of the latest technology while advancing the safety of your operation and your workforce.


Three Reasons To Start Planning & Optimizing For A High-performance Upgrade

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