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Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizer Systems

Meet emission regulations for gas and liquid waste with energy efficient incinerators


Honeywell UOP Callidus Thermal Oxidizer Systems help efficiently solve your environmental challenges for gas and liquid waste. By evaluating your operations, we can use our extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies to provide custom designed solutions to meet or exceed stringent environmental regulations, including NOx standards.

Featured Callidus Thermal Oxidizer solutions include:

De-NOxidizer Thermal Oxidizers

Maintain NOx emissions within acceptable limits

  • Multi-stage combustion of nitrogen-bearing wastes
  • Exceeds 99% destruction efficiencies

Down-Fired Thermal Oxidizers

Improve refractory life when salts are present

  • For aqueous or organic waste streams containing salts
  • Exceeds 99% destruction efficiencies
  • Prevents accumulation of molten salts in the oxidizer furnace
  • Minimizes salt contact with refractory lining

Halogenated Waste Thermal Oxidizers

Reduce caustic usage for flue gas containing hydrogen chloride

  • Destruction efficiencies of 99-99.999%
  • Operating temperatures 1500˚F - 2200˚F
  • Two-stage system

Fume Treatment Thermal Oxidizers

Use less fuel when treating organic fumes

  • Treats organic fumes in air or inert gas streams
  • Exceeds 99% destruction efficiencies
  • Operating temperatures 1400˚F -1600˚F

Pilots and Ignitors for Thermal Oxidizers

  • Designed for performance and safety
  • Can be custom designed to fit any make or model burner


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