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Callidus Flares

Advanced Flare System Portfolio

Economical and environmentally friendly flares for the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries


Honeywell UOP offers cost-effective, environmentally friendly, advanced flare systems for a broad range of applications. As a global leader in flaring technology, we leverage our engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities, flare test facilities and global service group to provide world-class solutions.

Featured flares from our broad flaring portfolio include:

Multi-Point Ground Flares

Unlimited smokeless capacity, lowest radiation for gas and petrochemical processing

  • Unlimited smokeless capacity
  • Reduced radiation
  • Reduction in thermal radiation levels by 60%+
  • Used onshore and offshore, with smokeless capacities up to 3,500,000 lbs/hr

Totally Enclosed Ground Flares (TEGF)

Eliminate light, noise and smoke in gas and petrochemical processing

  • Low emission, efficient combustion
  • Eliminate light and noise from flaring waste gases
  • Designed for unlimited air control or specific air/temperature control 
  • Used extensively for waste gases combustion in chemical plants, hydrocarbon loading terminals, FPSO floating production vessels and refineries


Higher smokeless capacity for midstream and upstream gas processing

  • Produces high smokeless flow rates and excellent turndown performance and wider operating range
  • Patented Coanda design increases flare gas and air mixing for longer tip lifespan
  • Maximizes waste gas velocity, reducing radiation and maintaining cool flare tip for longer tip use

Elevated Flares

Save space, time and money with safe waste gas disposal

  • Reduces noise and radiation/safety hazards to protect the plant, personnel and environment
  • Offering elevated demountable flares, guy-wire supported flares, self-supported flares, derrick-supported flares
  • Requires minimal plot space for better land use
  • Provides easier maintenance without requiring plant-wide shutdowns

Flare Gas Recovery Systems

Pre-engineered, modular systems for flare avoidance

  • Enhances profitability by recycling gas and reducing need for flaring 
  • Helps meet emissions regulations, reduce risk, extend equipment life and reduce costs
  • Sized based on anticipated flare gas composition and flow rates
  • Skid-mounted for ease of installation


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