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Dedicated aftermarket support you can depend on

Keep your gas plant running at its best with Honeywell UOP. Based on decades of gas processing design and technical expertise, our extensive portfolio of high-quality spare parts and consumables can help minimize costly downtime and improve your efficiency. Depend on our reliable aftermarket support to help you maintain trouble-free operations.

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Health Check

Your business is unique, that’s why UOP’s Health Check was designed to make sure your gas processing facility is aligned with your business model. Our team of engineers will utilize a suite of proprietary kinetic models to develop a techno-economic analysis of your facility. They will then work with you to develop a one of a kind optimization plan to make sure your facility is achieving its full potential and delivering the results you need to stay competitive.

Honeywell UOP Benfield ACT-1™ Activator

Get more out of your hot potassium carbonate system by upgrading to the UOP Benfield ACT-1 activator. With an easy conversion to ACT-1, you can lower the carbon dioxide (CO2) in your product gas by 25-85 percent and increase throughput and reduce energy usage by up to 15 percent.

UOP Benfield Process and Revamps
Tailored Bulk or Trace Acid Gas Removal

The Benfield process can be tailored for either bulk or trace acid gas removal in natural gas treating to achieve pipeline specifications. It is a thermally-regenerated, cyclical solvent process that uses an activated, inhibited hot potassium carbonate solution to remove CO2, H2S and other acid gas components.

Existing plants can be revamped for capacity increases and/or heat savings through UOP’s LoHeat™ technology and/or UOP high performance packings. UOP’s Benfield ACT-1™ activator is a promoter for the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) by hot potassium carbonate solution. Existing potassium carbonate systems can reduce energy usage by 15 percent or more and increase capacity by 15-40 percent by adopting one or more of UOP's Benfield process conversions.