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Gas Processing

Revamps & Upgrades

Get more out of your existing gas processing plant

We understand the pressures of getting the most out of your current assets. Whether you are looking to expand capacity, optimize efficiency or improve reliability, UOP can maximize your operations with our innovative technology. Our dedicated aftermarket team will evaluate your existing units and identify ways to improve your overall performance through equipment upgrades and/or technology retrofits.

Featured Revamp:

High Recovery Retrofit

Meet the high demand for propane and ethane by raising the C2 and C3 recovery of your gas processing plant. A Honeywell UOP High Recovery Retrofit Unit lets you achieve an impressive recovery rate of up to 99%, helping you generate more profits with minimal investment. Plus, with UOP’s pre- engineered modular retrofit approach, installation is simple and fast.

Because of the unique design of UOP’s High Recovery Retrofit Unit, you get high efficiency in both recovery and rejection operation. Efficiency is built in — it leverages residue gas vapors as an additional reflux into a new side tower that returns liquid to the existing GSP Demethanizer tower.

UOP Benfield™ Process

We can help lower your acid gas removal costs with a UOP Benfield Process revamp. Existing hot potassium carbonate systems can reduce energy usage by 15 percent or more and increase capacity by 15-40 percent through an easy upgrade. We offer additional services and products to further lower your operating cost and improve system throughput.


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