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Removing impurities at the source

An alternative option to producing hydrogen is through the electrolysis of water. If the power source for the electrolysis is renewable electricity from wind or solar power, then it can be classed as ‘green hydrogen’ producing significantly less emissions overall.

Electrolysis produces hydrogen-rich gases that contain moisture and traces of oxygen and nitrogen. Honeywell UOP purification technologies are used to produce hydrogen with a moderate or high purity from these gases.

Honeywell UOP’s solution to purifying green hydrogen leverages a technology developed by UOP in 1966 called Polybed™ Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA).


Honeywell's Purification Process

Green hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis using renewable power. It contains impurities that need to be separated to obtain a cleaner byproduct. Green H2 purification takes care of the impurities to make it on-spec.


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