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Honeywell UOP ARMGuard™ System

Proactively monitor your adsorbent units with real-time data

Untimely plant shutdowns, equipment failures, inefficient operations and poor performance can cost you time and money. The UOP ARMGuard™ system effectively monitors your adsorbent unit performance with real-time insight to help ensure that your unit is running efficiently and reliably. 

ARMGuard™ is a software-based remote monitoring system that uses the existing instrumentation in your plant to help you optimize your adsorption cycle, reduce energy consumption, confidently operate at variable feed conditions and, most importantly, reduce costs by mitigating unscheduled shutdowns.

The UOP ARMGuard™ system can help:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Empower customers to make smarter process decisions
  • Avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns and/or operations at reduced flow
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Achieve ultra-low water effluent to increase NGL production
  • Lengthen adsorbent life
  • Reduce turnaround times
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Honeywell UOP ChlorideGuard™ System

Evaluate your treater for better reliability and predictability

The typical catalytic reforming units’ change-out process of chloride adsorbent beds is usually based on either historical experience or the recommended frequency in the original design specs. Neither approach considers changing dynamics of inlet chloride levels and may lead to change outs that happen too soon or too late … resulting in lost investment dollars, adsorbent waste and inefficient man hours.

UOP’s ChorideGuard system uses real-time catalytic reforming unit process conditions to evaluate and monitor chloride treater operations, delivering:

  • Higher return on your adsorbent investment
  • Reduced pain and cost associated with an unplanned reloading of adsorbents
  • More predictable adsorbent units
  • Greater efficiency with improved change-out management
  • More reliable refining processes
  • Avoidance of potential chloride slip-through due to early breakthrough or adsorbent waste

Honeywell UOP PSAGuard™ System

Hydrogen is essential to the operation of today’s refineries and petrochemical complexes. The efficient use and availability of hydrogen within the plant has a direct impact on profitability.

Rely on PSAGuard™, Honeywell UOP’s newest software solution, to continuously monitor and analyze unit operations, to help make data-backed decisions and to take action that may improve unit performance. PSAGuard taps the power of Honeywell Connected Plant technology to help you optimize and improve the reliability of your Honeywell UOP PSA units, enabling maximum profitability through efficient hydrogen management.