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Transportation Air Brakes

Protect your truck, bus or train’s air brakes from failure with effective dehydration

Don’t let contaminants damage your air brake systems. You can protect your truck, bus or train’s air brakes from freezing, condensation and corrosion with Honeywell UOP MOLSIV™ desiccants. 

MOLSIV desiccants dehydrate the compressed air withing the brake systems of heavy- and medium-duty trucks, buses and trains. UOP products have become the desiccant standard for air brake dryers due to their attrition resistance and high cyclic water capacity in the presence of oil.  

Pressure swing dryers are used to reduce the dew point of air in the brake reservoir below ambient temperature to prevent freeze up and corrosion. Airbrake manufacturers design their dryers to comply with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard of 30°F dew point suppression.

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