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Reforming Catalysts

Maximize yields to help you meet your operating goals

No matter what your operating goals are, Honeywell UOP’s portfolio of Reforming catalysts has you covered for cyclic, fixed-bed and continuous reforming units. UOP has been reinventing and perfecting reforming since our introduction of the first reforming unit in 1949.

We produce more than a dozen different high-performance reforming catalysts to produce high-octane gasoline or BTX aromatics. UOP helps manage your process unit’s full lifecycle by providing you with advanced design, smooth start-up, reliable operation, superior service, training and continuous technology advancements.

Featured Reforming Catalysts:

UOP’s latest fixed-bed platforming catalyst, UOP R-560 catalyst, is an optimized, high-performance catalyst that delivers breakthrough performance and maximum flexibility. It has the highest activity, stability and cycle length available and can increase yields over an operating cycle or extend your cycle length. 

Our latest CCR Platforming catalyst, UOP R-364 catalyst is an excellent catalyst option to help debottleneck your reforming unit to increase reformate and/or aromatics production.

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