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Renewable Fuels

Honeywell Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Meet renewable energy regulations through low emission jet fuels made from sustainable feedstocks 


Renewable aviation fuels from sustainable sources are the key to reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint and meeting regulatory compliance. Made from the UOP Renewable Jet Fuel ProcessTM, Honeywell Sustainable Aviation Fuel meets or exceeds the most rigorous jet fuel standards for performance and can be made from a variety of sustainable feedstocks. 

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When blended up to 50% with petroleum-based jet fuel, this super-efficient fuel offers significant advantages over traditional fuel:

  • Can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60-80% compared with petroleum-based fuels
  • Has shown higher energy density in flight, which allows aircraft to fly farther on less fuel
  • Meets or exceeds critical jet fuel specifications, such as: flash point, freeze point, stability and heat of combustion
  • Drop-in replacement fuel that requires no changes to aircraft technology or fuel infrastructure